Scrap Quilt

Posted July 22nd, 2011 in crafts by Mitsy

The summer heat wave has forced us to stay sealed in our air conditioned living room for most of the day. After lunch, it was finally time to open our surprise fabric grab bag from emeline & annabelle. Sonya stayed busy for about an hour looking at all the scraps and organizing them into different piles.

I’m going to incorporate these gorgeous scraps in a quilt I’ve been planning for some time.  After Leena outgrows her baby clothes, I sort them into four groups: (1) excellent condition: put in storage for third child— in the extended family (2) good, clean condition: donate to Goodwill (3) soiled: use for scrap quilt and (4) all used up: toss in the trash— though I briefly considered making paper.

My stash of outgrown clothes for a scrap quilt has become substantial, so I went through the heap, trying to find different pieces that work together. This quilt is definitely going to have the aesthetic of a scrap quilt— charming, special, and lovely in its own way.

The inspiration for the design comes from Setsuko Inagawa’s quilt from this year’s Tokyo Quilt Festival. I followed an excellent tutorial found here.

Each block is a fun puzzle to put together. I look forward to working on the quilt, bit by bit, over the next few months.

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