Pomme Magique

If you’ve never seen one of these machines before, you may wonder what this is. What you are looking at is a work of sheer simplicity and genius.

What do you do with it? Well, first you start by making sure the suction base doesn’t move around.  Then slide the handle all the way to the right. Center an apple on the prongs. Here we have a beautiful, ripe Cortland.

Then you turn the crank, and the apple gets peeled. So fast. So effortless. I don’t know how I lived without it. Especially with a little one who absolutely must have her apples peeled.

But that’s not all. You get the apple peeled, cored, and sliced. That’s right. It does all three. That’s why this thing is called Pomme Magique.

With this handy dandy device, it’s easier than ever for us to enjoy one of our favorite local fruits and bake them into muffins and crumbles and other desserts.

The great thing is, not only does it work for apples of all shapes and sizes, but it’s so fun for Sonya to play with the apple spring while she snacks.

Since I bought this machine, Sonya definitely gets an apple a day to keep the doctor away— savored one ring at a time.

Want one for your kitchen? Montrealers, there’s an apple peeler/slicer/corer sale at Stokes right now. Or you can get one online here. Life-changing. So many zen moments turning that crank, watching the peel come off in one continuous spiral, and enjoying the sweet, crisp, cleanly cut aftermath.

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  1. Kindli says:

    I have seen those before w/the clamp base, I just had no idea they had such a cool french name! Those are awesome!!! I’m sure O would love one, for now he’ll have to settle for thin slices w/the skin on, it builds character.

  2. Robyn says:

    I have an apple peeler that I love too. Not as fancy and nice looking as yours but it does the trick.

  3. Giggles says:

    I’ve had one for years, wouldn’t bake with apples without one. And I love the springy apple you get at the end. I’ve just never known what it was called. I didn’t need to know the name to know how great it was.

  4. Melanie says:

    Oh god, I want one of those! Now I just have to find a stokes:)

  5. FIRST,
    it won’t stay stick to the work surface more than 20 seconds.
    the crank handle has to be screwed each 10 apples.
    the prongs won’t stay in line with this blade to core the apple. It has to be ajust each 10 apples.

    The idea is good, but the machine is made cheap.

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