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Sonya’s little sister Leena shares the same birthday as my own little sister Lily, who sent an adorable newborn strawberry outfit for her niece. My favorite part is the hat with a little stem.

Lily also made a lovely wooden purse for me, which must have been painstaking to create— the outlines were made with a woodburning tool, then the peacocks were colored in with Prismacolor pencils. It’s really special to me. I’m going to use it to hold my knitting accessories, like measuring tape, stitch markers, cable needles, and crochet hooks.

Here is the first picture of all four of us— the Little Family. Sonya looks like such a sophisticated girl now! A week after Leena was born, I finally remembered to get out the Gorillapod.

The past week has been a blur, and I’ve been lucky to have my mom here to help out. An extra adult around the house makes a huge difference! My friend Mahsa made an insightful observation about her mother’s visit to Montreal. (The two of them looked after Sonya on Valentine’s Day).

When my mom is here, it doesn’t feel like she is visiting me, as much as I am visiting her in my own home.

— Mahsa Yeganeh

Even though she’s got to go back to her job as a teacher tomorrow, my mom left me with a fridge and freezer full of food to get me through the next several days.

We also got to have a mini-family reunion. My cousin Anurita came from Ottawa despite having midterms. The two of us also managed to convince her mom, my mom’s younger sister, who we call Tutu Mashi, to take a break from her hectic work schedule to come for a couple days during the weekend.

But now I’m going to be outnumbered during the day while Drex is at work. I wonder how I’m going to carve out time to write? Somebody else— please come visit soon!

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  1. annabelle says:

    Big congrats Mitali! xo

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