Boston: Car Ride

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Zen moment: Serenity is watching a baby sleep.*

*This moment brought to you by the letter Z and Uncle Justin & Auntie Melissa‘s wonderful car seat!

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Boston: Museum of Fine Arts

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We were lured to the museum by signs advertising The Secrets of Tomb 10A: Egypt 2000 BC. As a nice twist on the usual pharaoh exhibits, this tomb belonged to a governor who had, nonetheless, lavishly decked out a small chamber by an ancient riverbed with things for his afterlife. The museum did a wonderful job displaying and describing the artifacts. My favorite item from the governor’s tomb: a canopic jar (a special container used to store the mummy’s intestines) which had little feet. Gruesome and voyeuristic, perhaps, but also fascinating. Sonya found her first museum experience enjoyable.

Of course, we toured the other galleries at the museum, too. Below you see Sonya in Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome, 1757, oil on canvas, by Italian painter Giovanni Pannini.

Then Sonya observed the Seventh Plague of Egypt, 1823, oil on canvas, by English painter John Martin. The sky looked really fantastic.

Then Sonya completed Torso of a Young Male, marble, sculpted in Athens, Greece as well as a Drinking Cup in the Shape of a Fist, silver, made by Hittites somewhere in Central Turkey around 1400 BC.

Usually, I blitz through exhibits, because I get bored reading plaques and wandering through galleries. However, Sonya really made us stop and take advantage of all the fantastic backdrops to capture her beautiful little face. We might even have set a new record for Number of People Who Told Us We Have A Magnificent Baby.

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Boston: Omni Parker House

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Drex inadvertently managed to book us historic accommodations here in Boston: Omni Parker House, the longest continuously-operating hotel in the United States. It opened in 1855. In a pamphlet about the hotel, we learned these interesting trivia facts about the even more historic Parker’s Restaurant inside the hotel:

  • JFK proposed to Jackie (and subsequently had his bachelor party) here! Ooooooh!
  • Ho Chi Minh (the city of Saigon was later renamed for him) was a pastry chef from 1911 to 1913! Seriously. Pastry chef in Boston. And then leader of Vietnam!
  • Malcolm X was a bus boy (meaning, he cleared the dirty dishes) in the early 1940s.
  • Boston Cream Pie was invented in 1867 (now the Massachusetts state dessert – why do states even have desserts?)
  • The Parker House roll (apparently a favorite of FDR, who requested the secret recipe) was also baked in these famous ovens.
  • Charles Dickens gave his first American reading of A Christmas Carol.
Not listed in the brochure: the first U.S. hotel where Sonya Ruths stayed during her visit to Boston with her parents in November 2009. :-D

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Smart Girl

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Sonya discovers how to roll over by leveraging the Ocean Play Center!

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4 months old!

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Sonya and I, despite spending so much time together, since her newborn size-1 diaper days, we have very few pictures (less than ten) of just the two of us. Because I managed to break our smaller point-and-shoot camera, and it no longer focuses properly, we are a DSLR-only family. Although our fancy-schmancy DSLR camera takes wonderful photos, it requires more prep. Since Sonya and I frequently play in the kitchen, I initially had the camera set up on a Gorillapod on the counter for easy access, but lately I’ve just been trying to take the arm-out-reverse-shot with increasing success, although holding out a DSLR at arm’s length with a squirming baby can be tricky. Luckily, we have an excellent warranty on this camera in case I drop it like its predecessor.

True, the photos are often blurry and off-kilter, but they have a certain charm of their own, quirky and spunky glimpses into our everyday life. They capture the feelings that I hope Sonya will remember from our early days spent together: just hanging out, reading books, preparing food, baking cookies, folding laundry, playing dress-up, taking short naps, taking long walks, practicing French, making noise and messes and dancing and singing and creating. Like Wild Things.

The Number of Kids We Want has gone back up to whole integers as Sonya has started to sleep more or less through the night (meaning, more hours some nights, but less hours on other nights, depending on her mood and a number of our superstitions). I love her so much, and motherhood is rewarding in ways I never imagined. Even big poops and fussy late afternoons. All. Worth. It.

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Friday Reflection

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Sonya and I are both discovering. Things about ourselves. Things about the world. What makes us happy. What brings us comfort and makes us feel safe. What terrifies us.

I get such an immense opportunity to learn with her and from her, rediscovering joy and creativity that got worn out during medical school.

I want her to have the kind of childhood where she feels comfortable expressing herself. Just playing, stapling things together, taking things apart, getting dirty, using her imagination, dreaming big.

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Sonya Bedonya Ballerina!

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Dida (a.k.a. my mom) specifically requested some pictures of Sonya in her purple tutu so that she could show her colleagues at work tomorrow.

Sonya and I start mom & baby dance class on Wednesday this week!

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Where the Wild Things Are

Posted November 1st, 2009 in crafts by admin

Let the wild rumpus start!

For a photoessay on the making of my Wild Thing headpiece, please click here.

We spent less than $40 on raw materials. We used cardboard from Sonya’s Jolly Jumper box. I found a nearby fabric store going out of business and got all the fleece we needed for the skin, eyes, and nose for less than ten dollars. The stuffing and faux-fur (which would have ordinarily been the most expensive material) came from a pillow I found on sale!

Thanks to seamster for inspiring us with his instructable and Urban Outfitters for selling movie-related merchandise. I wish I could buy all the pillows for our sofa!

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